Life Groups


Life Groups are a place outside of Sunday Service where we can connect and grow a deeper relationship with each other through God.  Currently our life groups are in a place of rest and future renewal.  To find out more information, and whether or not life groups are meeting in your area; please ask someone at church, keep your eye on the Sunday bulletin passed out during service, or look for flyers in the back of the sanctuary.


High School


Our youth regularly come together to grow in the Lord and participate in fun events geared specifically to their age group.


Middle School


Challenging years for kids require extra support and deep teaching from the Word.  Our team of middle school teachers provide a fun and safe environment for middle schoolers to thrive in.




Ways to reach out and serve God’s Kingdom.




Our worship team seeks weekly to bring us to a place where we are fully aware of our relationship with God and our gratitude for His love and devotion to us, His creation.

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