Richard's Blog

Richard's Blog

January 16, 2018

Last Sunday I shared my heart with you. I am seeking the 'giver of life' and 'life' every day.  I truly desire to experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit with the result of a renewal.  It is an intensely personal desire but I also believe that it is what God wants to do for our community.  Last night our leadership team shared our desires, our hopes and our expectations for what it would look like in the Springs Vineyard if God answers the cry of our hearts.  I was excited to hear from our leaders what God has put on their hearts.  One promise God made me this week: God said to me... I will respond to the hunger and thirst that I see in the Springs Vineyard.  I know how to measure physical hunger and thirst. I know the signs and symptoms of those.  And I know how focused I can get when I am really thirsty or really hungry.  What are the signs and symptoms of a spiritual hunger and thirst?  What would I be willing to do to get my spiritual thirst or hunger satisfied?  How do I demonstrate to God that I am hungry and thirst for more of Him?  Good questions to mull over.  

December 13, 2017

As we get close to the end of another calendar year, I find myself reflecting, evaluating and looking forward.  The major themes of the advent season are running through my mind.  Peace, Joy, and Hope.  I find myself asking these questions:  how can I find and experience more peace?  More Joy? More Hope?  Today, I am thinking about peace.  How can I find and experience more peace.  The lack of peace is evident in things like tiredness, stress and discontentment.  I am working on 3 things to help me find more peace. 1) Most of my 'un-peace' is generated on the inside of me.  I get frustrated with myself. I don't like certain things about myself. I get worked up about the difference between reality and what I want it to be.  So I need some help.  I am going to deliberately invest myself in a few mentoring relationships where I can get better perspective and clearer insight and hopefully my self-evaluation closer to how God 'sees' me.  This will help resolve a lot of the tension inside of me.  2) Work on better discipline in my thought life.  I have learned to control what comes out of my mouth pretty well but the thoughts still race in and wreak havoc sometimes.  I need to build a better strategy to deal with the thoughts which can create a lot of tension within me.  I have a couple of simple things I am going to employ... short sayings I will speak to myself in the tense moments.  This has worked in the past and I am going to build it up again.   3) Put a positive thought in my head before sleep, forgive whoever and whatever needs to be forgiven before I sleep and ask God for better 'rest'.  That is my plan to find and discover and experience more 'peace'.  What will you try? 

October 9, 2017 

What a week!  We have experienced tremendous highs and lows in the past week.  Some of our key people are fighting through sickness and discouragement and some of us have experienced a real deep encounter with God.  I think this is pretty normal in a community of God followers.  That is why we are encouraged to laugh and share in the joy of those who are on the mountaintop and we are to enter into the suffering and comfort those who are weeping.  That is what being in the community is all about.   

We need to have a good balance of people on top of the mountain because we all know that the valley is there and we will spend some time in it.  

Our 'log into' the community happens through prayer.  User name:  Springs Vineyard Church Password: Journeying with Jesus followers (not a real log in)  We enter into each others situations as we pray for each other and we add our strength and comfort by being present to those who are crying.  We enter into each others joy and goodness by praying and celebrating the goodness that others are experiencing.  

God have mercy on us all.