Weekly Devotional

Weekly Devotional

Springs Vineyard Biblical Overview; One Book of the Bible per Week


If 2 Chronicles were missing, what would we miss out on?

The reign of Solomon is treated in depth and then there is a tracing of the Kings of Judah until the Babylon captivity. A thematic statement summarizing the overall message of 2 Chronicles could be stated as:

• begins with a glorious start in Solomon's construction of the temple of God,
• follows a pattern of degeneracy with occasional religious reforms, but,
• each of the reforms is usually getting smaller and less penetrating until degeneracy prevailed and led to captivity.

What would we miss? The story of Solomon is unique. Never did a person have so much, overflowing resources, peace from enemies on every side and God blessed him with wisdom. Solomon reached the very heights of glory building the temple and yet, finished very poorly. He lost his way. What a warning for us to read his story.



If 1 Chronicles were missing, what would we miss out on?

1,2 Kings is a historical narrative. 1 Chronicles is a history from the religious or priestly perspective. 1 Chronicles focuses on leadership. It lists more leaders by name than any other single book in the Scriptures (including Numbers). Indirectly, the book is saying that leadership is crucial to the ongoing spirituality of a nation. From chapter 9 on, the focus is on David. David's reign is given in a post-reflective evaluation from a Priestly viewpoint, which highlights the necessity of God's centrality in the life of the nation (or its lack thereof).

1 Chronicles can be summarized in the following thematic statement:

• is legitimated by a God-given heritage,
• is described in glowing terms beginning with Hebron and continuing with events such as the story of the Ark and others which focus on religious impact in the life of the nation.

What would we miss? The perspective of the priests regarding King David. Just how critical it is for leadership to listen to God; obey God and follow Him personally.


1 and 2 KINGS

If 1 and 2 Kings were missing, what would we miss out on?

1,2 Kings is a historical narrative which begins with Solomon and then traces the history of all the kings in the north and in Judah. King David is used as a positive standard and Jereboam as the negative standard. A summary of the thematic statement capturing the message of 1,2 Kings is as follows:

• after David, included Solomon's united reign, tragically involved a split of the kingdom into northern and southern halves,
• traces each from north and south evaluating them in terms of their following God or not,
• was punctuated by God's attempts to correct through prophetical leaders such as Elijah
and Elisha, and
• resulted in a downward trend with occasional brief episodes of turning to God which
ended in the early capture and deportation of the northern kingdom and later the same result for the southern kingdom.

What would we miss? Powerful examples of the difference between those who follow God and are shown favor and those who abandon God and suffer the consequences. How God uses powerful people like Elijah and Elisha to try to break through to people and turn them back to Him.