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For more information on any of the following resources, please ask someone at church. We are a small church, but are prayerful that we are able to take care of our members as needs arise.



Please feel free to leave a prayer request with us on the prayer page of this site, on our "visitors" page at church (drop it in the visitors box), or in person at the end of service. We are all able to pray, so feel free to nudge your neighbor after service with your need.

Sunday Morning Food Truck   


Every Sunday morning, as long as the ministry continues, we will have various foods briefly available in the parking lot after the service. These foods are donated by local stores and are almost always perishables. Feel free to take some home and to take extra for a neighbor.

Food Pantry     


We have a small food pantry that stays stocked with canned and boxed non-perishables. Often we even have toiletries and baby diapers. If you wish to donate to keep our pantry filled, play ensure all items are factory-sealed and not too close to approaching the expiration dates.

Small Groups  


The Springs Vineyard believes in fellowship within small communities.  Our small group selections ebb and flow, so check in with us to see our current offerings.