COVID-19 Updates

One of the reasons that the church exists is for the community aspect; our ability to wrap around each other and intertwine our prayers and give encouragement to one another. This is the beauty of the body of Christ. But we are also called to look out for each other, and during this time of greater community quarantine started by the school systems shutting down, we have a great opportunity to participate in the protection of our congregation as well as the greater community by observing the same quarantine period.

Below is the information we have at this time:

  • No church on Sundays; at least through April 12. We will likely be following government decisions on when it is best to meet in person again.
  • Online sermons will be made available. Find our YouTube Channel here: Springs Vineyard YouTube and look for the Sunday morning playlist that will include a worship set chosen by our worship pastors before the online sermon plays.
  • To give online (we need to maintain financial strength during this time) please click here for our secure giving page.
  • To give by mail, send check to The Springs Vineyard, PO Box 51368, CO Spgs, CO 80949.
  • We have determined that small groups will stop meeting for now. We will keep you posted on whether we can restart them virtually.
  • We have made an easy way to stay in contact with each other. Click here to join our private Facebook page!
  • Ultimately we are acting conservatively, not fearfully. We believe that God is still sovereign; wholly and not partially. He is still our focus.
  • We ask that you find some space to dedicate to prayer tomorrow; both because of the virus and how it is affecting our world, and for the tough decisions that leaders everywhere (including us) are having to make.
  • Please find ways to maintain community even if it is not physical and in real time. Personal connections will more likely keep us grounded in truth and protected from fearfulness.
We care about you and ask God to bless you in unexpected ways during this time,

Your Springs Vineyard Leadership Team