COVID-19 Updates

Churches nation-wide now have recognition as indispensable threads in the fabric society as the president has labeled churches to be essential organizations in light of the coronavirus pandemic. On the heels of this announcement, we have decided with great joy to open the doors to the church once again. Below is everything you need to know about our re-gathering.

Below is an outline of current meeting expectations and need-to-knows:

  • Each week we will have one service on Sunday mornings at 10:00am. We will be sitting in socially distanced groups and ask that groups of people sit in chair sets that match the number of people in their group. Seating is first come- first served. Doors are open at 9:00am. We will properly clean the facility each week according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. We will be shortening our in-person services as we explore what the new normal will look like. Still Springs Vineyard style; same values and practices, only shorter.
  • Online sermons will continue to be put on YouTube  each week. Find our YouTube Channel here: Springs Vineyard YouTube and look for the Sunday morning playlist or sermon. 
  • The service will include a short Bible lesson for the kids. During the entire service, we will ask parents to keep their children with them, preventing them from running to greet other kids or adults. We will not be offering Kidz Church or any activities in the Kidz area until we feel we are able to do so. Parents with babies will have access to the office and can listen to the service there. We will provide coloring sheets/activities and crayons near the entrance to the sanctuary for any kiddos who need something to do to keep busy. We will be learning a lot about flexibility and extending grace to each other.
  • We ask that if you are sick or know that you might have been exposed… please stay at home until you know your health situation is clear.
  • We ask that everyone respect one another by following the recommended guidelines for social distancing. (For example, how many people can use the bathroom facilities at a time should be two to three.) We will make everything very clear with posted signs and announcements. There are no-touch soap dispensers in each of the restrooms and at the lobby sink. We have also mounted hand sanitizer dispensers in the lobby and near the restrooms. Also, find hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes stationed around the church. We are asking everyone to exercise discipline and self-control when the urge to shake hands or hug rises up. We recognize that there is some awkwardness involved when we don’t greet each other in the ways that we are used to, but it won’t last forever.
  • We will ask that you please wear a mask in order to enter the building, socialize in the building, and minister/pray for each other. When you are in your seat your mask may be removed if you'd prefer.
  • We recognize that everyone has strongly differing opinions about the virus, the pandemic and the government’s recommendations. In order to protect and respect everyone, we ask that each person choose to stand in unity together by following these recommendations.  
  • To give online please click here for our secure giving page.
  • To give by mail, send check to The Springs Vineyard, PO Box 51368, CO Spgs, CO 80949
  • We ask that you find some space to dedicate to prayer; both because of the virus and how it is affecting our world, and for the tough decisions that leaders everywhere (including us) are having to make. Also pray for God to release a new power through the Holy Spirit to help us more effectively witness for Jesus in the coming days. God is bigger than all of this and we want Him to show up despite any restrictions we are facing! 
We want the focus to be on Jesus; worshipping Him, and enjoying being with each other.

-Your Springs Vineyard Leadership Team

More than ever before, we want the Springs Vineyard to be a refuge for encountering God. It is a wonderful time to invite people who have been isolated, disoriented and fearful during the pandemic to come with you to a safe, protected refuge and encounter God.