Welcome to the Springs Vineyard!

We're so glad you've come to visit.  We want you to know that we are just a bunch of imperfect people living in a fallen world, trying to do our best to follow Jesus.  Sometimes this life is messy; in fact, more often than not it's messy.  But we understand that living God's way as sinful beings within a world that's against God is going to come with its share of tough times.  We can only aspire to offer each other love and grace as we move forward together.  And we also aspire to reach a hand out to those who are wounded and lost along the way.  We call our church a refuge, and that's because we want it to be a place where people feel safe and nurtured.  It's a place where God shows up to heal all of us and bring us closer to Him.  And that's our highest hope; that God will continue to show up.  

So if you are visiting us or thinking of visiting us, just know that we exist to please God and live life with Him, and though we may follow Him imperfectly, we follow Him together as a church with a hope of living better day by day.